Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little, Happy Things

We sell a lot of little things at our brick and mortar shop that don't make it up to our online shop (we are working on this).  After being in the neighborhood for almost two years, we know not everyone in Upper Noe is always on the hunt for clothes and jewelry. How about host/hostess gifts? It's easy to show up to a dinner party with corner store wine but what about locally foraged jam?
Inna Jam $12.00

Or San Francisco made brazilian honey cakes, coconut shortcake or dark chocolate covered graham crackers?
Kika's Treats $7.50

A letterpress card declaring your unending devotion?
Sycamore Street Press $5.00

A little splash of color with your coffee. Collect a family of them, like we have!
Pantone Mug $11.00


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