Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New York Trunk Show!!!

Hi Friends!
If you are in the NYC area - please go visit our friends at Coclico tomorrow!
They are having a She-bible party and SALE!!!

Where: Coclico 275 Mott St
When: Oct. 28th from 4:30-8:00 pm
What: She-bible Trunk Show! Champagne, snacks and 10% off the She-bible collection.
The discount will be available all weekend long!

Monday, October 19, 2009

We love it!

Like Randy Newman once said, "We love LA"! It may have taken us a while to arrive at this conclusion, but after many fact finding missions and glorious thrift store scores we've decided that the city has been kind to us. Even the long drive gives us an opportunity to chat and tell each other stories we've never heard. After you've been hanging for 17+ years (living together for much of that and owning a business together) it is a pretty amazing thing to hear new tales to add to each others character profiles. That and Stacy has the best stories!

On this particular trip we were scheduled up to the nines. One of our missions was to crack a few heads in the garment district, sometimes you just have to meet face to face with people to make them listen and do favors for you.

Next up we recently tried to figure out the animal that is all over printing. We took at tour of this facility and were pretty stoked on our findings. It remains to be seen whether we will take the plunge into printing but i thought folks might want to see some photos from the "inside". I personally was loving the 6 foot tall screens.



We're havin' a party!

Come celebrate the opening of our new shop!

Saturday, October 24th
4:00 - 8:00
1767 Church St. (btwn Day & 30th)

Champagne cocktails, snacks, sweets & beer!
We'd love to see you there!
Stacy & Deirdre

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Customer of the Day!!!

We had a very special customer come in today. After drawing on our sidewalk with chalk, dancing to the Kinks in the store, and getting 2 pretty dresses for her mom, the fancy lady finally got her shopping bag and left to take a well needed nap.
Thanks for stopping by today Ella!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to the Future

Keeping up a blog is no easy feat for me. I keep spacing on the password to blogger, losing my camera cord (still can't find it and have so many amazing blog posts tied up in there), throw in a lost key here or pair of baby tennis shoes and mama's blogging time has more than expired. I'm thankful though that some things are still easy to find.

First up we've been very busy. Between creating Spring 2010 (we have to do this 6 months in advance), producing and shipping Fall/Winter 2009, we've also opened a tiny shop. People (mostly seniors) ask me why on earth would we do this in this point and time? I answer it's actually a product of the times. We were renting space for just a few hundred dollars a month less in rusty, dusty cold factories and we were unable to meet our customers first hand. Not able to make awesome parties or have proper dressing rooms. 1767 Church Street which will act as our design office, retail shop and party place. We are still hammering out all the details but we would love for you to come by and visit. We are closed monday open 12-8 Tuesday through Saturday. Open on sunday until at least 5pm. We will post store hours on the site soon...

I don't have proper pics of the shop 'Curator" but will be posting them real soon. For now you can read about the shop here on the 7X7 blog.

Above is a glimpse of our spring 2010 line that almost swallowed us whole for the 3 long months of summer. Good thing it was completely worth it!

I leave you with Julian cuteness and the intent to be back again before too much time passes!



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Did someone say Coupon Code? Why yes. Yes, we did.

So the Summer heat is hitting us hard, even in neutral weather San Francisco. To celebrate the fun in the sun we are offering our lovely She-bible friends 25% off.

After selecting the size and color of an item, put 'prettyface' in the coupon code box and press 'Enter'. Violá!

So start getting our summer dresses, light weight cardigans and boyfriend style tanks into your wardrobe today!

Coupon code expires next Wednesday - July 8th

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh my Minnesota!

I've just returned from a 5 day jaunt to Hastings, Minnesota! It was high-time to introduce my son Julian to his Great Grandma, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. Julian was awesome, he fell asleep right before take off, truly taking after his mama.

There were long dinners, drives, unexpected meetings with old friends, baffling road construction and lots of Wii games. The major heartbreak is our overly friendly child lept into all of their arms except his Great Grandma Dorothy (88 years young). We will return soon for another visit just to remedy this! I can't wait until I can demand compliance....

Day three we checked out Edina - a cute little suburb of Minneapolis. Linda, our host fixed us the most delightful sandwiches with her homemade pickles. We took a walk around her cute neighborhood, and I dipped in for a quick drink here with the Nagayama brothers. Always a good time with these two, for certain there will be some sports and bathroom talk. Well and the best laugh this side of the Mississippi.

I have to say that this trip once again reaffirmed that people in the Midwest are beyond nice. I know i'm generalizing here but after growing up in a big city the difference is palpable. We had nothing but love and sweet interactions with all those we encountered.

It's back to the grind for me (I should be asleep!) so I will leave you with Grandma's Dorothy's needlepoint which pretty much sums up my current condition.



Monday, June 15, 2009

Go Where You Wanna Go

We've packed it all up....

We have closed a door and are anxiously awaiting to open a new one.

We are excited for our new adventure and are counting on you to help make it fun and fantastic.

We are opening up a shop! We hope to open in mid-July and will keep you posted on the details.
Let the painting of walls begin!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sofie Ølgaard

We love us some Sofie. She's been working with us for the last three years and we are so lucky to have her. Her new Spring 2009 Collection is now online and we for certain are in love!

Check out this write up in Daily Candy below.

Sofie Ølgaard’s Online Boutique Launches

You know what they say about the Danish: A moment on the lips, two extra hours on the treadmill.

Indulge your waistline (without the guilt) with local designer Sofie Ølgaard’s new spring collection, now available online.

After completing fashion studies in London and putting in time at She-bible, the Danish up-and-comer wowed at the Gen Art fall premiere and launched her collection this spring. Her pieces are simultaneously modern and classic — simple silhouettes in silks and cottons imported from Japan.

Solid colors highlight construction in two-tone frocks and high-waisted flared skirts paired with structured tanks. But the best of the bunch are a black button-front jumpsuit and a ’20s-inspired suspender dress.

Yeah, it hides pastry puff on the hips.

Not bad for a clever little slip.

Available online at sofieolgaard.com

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well, we're movin' on up...

We are in the midst of a big move that will equal big changes.
Tomorrow She-bible life will be headquartered in a new location.
Details to follow...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adult Swim

There are some exciting things brewing  at She-bible headquarters that we are not able to talk about just yet. So i'm attaching some photos of some of the hardest worker bees I know. The She-bible crew - Stacy, Sofie and Max. They are pretty much the coolest chicks ever and so much fun to eat lunch with it and yelp out opinions to.

Above is my newest form of surburban therapy. We joined a pool and at the days end we can walk a few blocks to take a dip and frolick as a family. I was being a penny pincher and almost passed up the opportunity a few months back. One major heat wave had me digging in our recycling to fish out the paperwork. It's so something out of Little Children and has been very worth it. Eavesdropping on families and seeing my little pisces baby so happy splashing around in the water has been outrageously entertaining. Summer hasn't even really begun yet!!



Monday, May 4, 2009


Elliott Lucca and She-bible have joined forces to bring you a pretty awesome contest.
Win a lovely bag from Elliott Lucca and a She-bible Classic Dress in eggplant. 
See pictures below.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cinco De Mayo Sidewalk Sale

Come see us this Saturday for another super sidewalk sale in the Mission in SF.
More discount bins and racks of sale items. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As April starts to close, finally got a chance to put up my April music comp for you.

(right click to download or just press to play)

1. Could You, Would You - Them
2. Young & Dumb - Ike & Tina Turner
3. There But For The Grace of God Go I - The Gories
4. Bicylce Man - Black Mountain
5. I Bet You - Funkadelic
6. He's Always There - The Yardbirds
7. Glittering Girl - The Who
8. Grey Motorcycle - Make Up
9. Little Bird - Beach Boys
10. Big Brother - David Bowie
11. Don't Let It Bring You Down - Wings
12. Hate Street Dialogue - Sixto Rodriguez
13. Soul's Tongue - The Wipers
14. Mama Roux - Dr. John

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who? Us?

The lovely ladies of M.I.S.S. Crew asked us to be a part of their 'Women Making History' section on their site. 
Check out our interview here!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Joke of the Month

Why don't lifeguards save hippies?

Because they're too far out man.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Recycling Rules

We try to recycle however we can. We ship a lot of boxes around the country (and the world for that matter) and we like to reuse whenever possible. Enter a big skyscraper called the SOMA grand going up up up in San Francisco. Think about how much cardboard consumption goes into one of those huge apartment buildings? How many ceiling fans, kitchen fixtures, lights are individually wrapped in cardboard and unpacked and then immediately dumped into landfills? Now picture an awesome electrician named Luz Maria who visited our warehouse and noticed how similiar in size these boxes were to our exact needs. Soon enough she collected (so very neatly and OCD like) these clean perfect boxes for us to ship out our materials in. Thanks Luz Maria!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Come see us this Saturday for a super Sample Sale!
March 21st from 11 am to 5 pm.
Hope to se you there!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sir March Mix-a-lot

Oops, I kinda forgot to make a February mix. But here is the March mix full of jams that got me through last month. Enjoy!

(right click to download to your computer )
1. I Want To Be You - Your Funeral
2. Plastic Passion - The Cure
3. The Things That Dreams Are Made Of - The Human League
4. Big Mouth Strikes Again - The Smiths
5. 52 Girls - B-52's
6. Capricornations - Mika Miko
7. Better Off Dead - La Peste
8. Reversal - My Teenage Stride
9. The 15th - Wire
10. Passionkiller - Das Kabinette
11. Red Skies - The Fixx
12. Starway - Guru Guru
13. Tranquillo - Carly Simon

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last day of our online sale!

We are shipping like crazy over here! Our 3-day sale 25% off fall 2008 merchandise ends tomorrow (Thursday at midnight!) If you aren't on our mailing list - sign up on our front page now!!

Enter Code 'snuggie' in the coupon box and press 'enter' and then add to cart.  

Monday, March 9, 2009

The February Blur

After what seemed to be never ending running around to finish our Fall '09 samples, I was finally off to Project in Las Vegas (2/16 - 2/19)

While staying at the luxurious Luxor, we were inundated with this poster of Criss Angel. Not only was it all over the entrance of the hotel and every elevator, but when we'd get back to our room every night the message light on our phone was blinking. Yep, a Criss Angel recording awaited us. Just in case we didn't get the memo he had a show there.
Of course, the fever hit me and I became obsessed with him and his hardcore pose.
Must win car. Must see show. With my non-stop preaching of the Criss Angel gospel, Amedee soon followed suit. 
While at the tradehows, I don't leave the booth much. I left for 5 minutes to get one of the free manicures down the aisle and was immediately called back to the booth for assistance. No mani and no one at the booth by the time I got back. Figures. 
This is our showroom booth. Our mannequin is the one on the right.
With 6 hours to kill until my flight to NY, I was not only lucky enough to catch the most rockin' rock band, Aquarius, play at a lounge in Mandalay Bay, but I also got to watch this couple grope and make-out to every song played by the rockin' cover band. I never knew AC/DC & Def Leppard could be so romantic.

Goodbye Vegas.

Hello New York.

I was here to do the Coterie show. I took a red-eye landing myself in the big apple at 8am. I headed directly to the East Village to pick-up my NY wifey, who had hangers and our She-bible sign, and then go right to Pier 90 to set up the booth. 

Unlike Project in Vegas where we show as a sh0wroom, at Coterie we have our own little 10' x 8' booth. 
After a long and semi-stressful morning (our mannequin didn't show up and tensions were running high), it was time for a nap and then dinner at Mamas! Fried Chicken over mac n' cheese - YES PLEASE!


I passed through Grand Central for the first time. It was beautiful.
We had a glass of wine at a bar inside called Oyster. I fell in love with the logo.

NY was full of fun. Dinners and friends and relaxed good times, but it was back to SF to catch up on life.
And what good timing. It dumped a foot of snow in a blizzard 2 days after I left. I guess NY was bummed to see me leave.

On another note, our Spring is trickling in. Items will be for sale on the site soon so stayed tuned.