Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adult Swim

There are some exciting things brewing  at She-bible headquarters that we are not able to talk about just yet. So i'm attaching some photos of some of the hardest worker bees I know. The She-bible crew - Stacy, Sofie and Max. They are pretty much the coolest chicks ever and so much fun to eat lunch with it and yelp out opinions to.

Above is my newest form of surburban therapy. We joined a pool and at the days end we can walk a few blocks to take a dip and frolick as a family. I was being a penny pincher and almost passed up the opportunity a few months back. One major heat wave had me digging in our recycling to fish out the paperwork. It's so something out of Little Children and has been very worth it. Eavesdropping on families and seeing my little pisces baby so happy splashing around in the water has been outrageously entertaining. Summer hasn't even really begun yet!!



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