Friday, January 2, 2009

Poster Lizzity-Love

I've had a stack of artwork staring at me for a good long while. We moved way to much in the last 3 years that I never got around to getting out the nails. Now that were all settled...framing and placing has finally occurred. Our last home definitely was missing all this! 

Nikki Mclure takes the cake on this one. It's so perfect for our entry way. Thanks Stacy!! gives me goosebumps. So damn sincere.

Now that I live in the burbs - Squirrel watching is a major past time. No joke. Petitcollage pays proper homage. - is one of my favorite stops on the web. Although this print is now sold out be prepared to find such treasures. Heather uses her expert eye to curate the site and delivers on some non-saturated brands and ideas. I especially like her blog and when her foxiness makes an appearance in product shots.


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pixiepine said...

I also saw some great DIY framing of Nikki McClure's work on Jae Steele's blog a while back. I'm definitely using my NM journal for this after I fill it up.