Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Magical Mystery Tour

So I made my way across the Bay to do some research for our Fall 2009 line. Our good friend, Busy Liz Baca, is a hunter of the vintage treasure. She has made a most amazing business of selling her good finds to some of the best vintage stores in NYC, LA, and here in SF. I got the privilege of doing some digging of my own in her warehouse of wonders.

Welcome to the Jungle...

Vintage Silver Leather Contempo Crop Jacket....YES PLEASE!

Deirdre and I started a wooden hanger project years ago. They were based on girl hangers I had as a child and the ponytail on top of their head was the hanger. Anyway, the hanger above made me die. It's amazing and re-enforces the idea that we should get to makin' some of those hangers. Could you imagine your closet full of foxy ladies wearing your clothes!?!

I have to say, the photos of Liz's warehouse show only a fraction of what is there and really don't do it justice. If you'd like to know more about her daily digs, check out her blog: xx


Bottoms_Up said...

Um..what are those polka dot shoes to the left of the hanger??!?!? Liz? Help me out here.


m2m said...

whoa... i have never caught a glimpseies... truly amazing.