Friday, January 23, 2009

Black Cloud Week

To say I've had a lot of jalopies in my time is a grand understatement. I come from a family who offers to buy any used car mentioned in casual conversation. A few years ago I broke the mold (sick of receiving notices from AAA that I had exceeded my tows for the year) and bought a safe and practical used Volkswagon Passat Wagon. It has been the ultimate perfect thing to schlepp rolls of fabric around in and to load up for our grueling sample sales. It's the ultimate small business car, not to mention family road trip ride.

Over the last few years the car has been more than trusty. My confidence surged. I canceled my AAA membership. It's the sort of car I felt like I could load up and drive off into an Armageddon in. We'd be okay if we could just siphon the gas. Well I'm sure you can see where this is going..

One breakdown and I might not let it get in the cracks but I got stranded two days in a row. Burning rubber, malfunction blinking lights, flares and taking up residence on the side of the road. Of course there were some highlights, one fast talking, menthol smoking tow truck driver who got me to crack a couple smiles. Nothing can turn my mood quicker though than seeing a certain long bed toyota truck putting to my rescue. The better half (and ride) of She-bible.


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