Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fixed in the U.S.A

Have you ever heard this term? Some of the factories in the city stay in business purely by fixing goods that come over from China jacked up. Some companies even cheat and have a button or a hem done here so they can put the desirable Made in the U.S.A label in. It becomes a factory speciality.

As I was riding the freight elevator down from one of my factories I spotted this scene. Tons and tons of little kid jeans being aired out by fans. The picture is kind of hazy, I actually made her back up the elevator so I could snap a better photo. That's when my factory owner started in about the fixed in the U.S.A score.

I found this to be pretty interesting.  I for one love catching glimpses into other peoples factories, projects and even the headaches!



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modaspia said...

pretty interesting, yeah. i wish there were more garment factories starting up in the states. oami is working w/a new one in NC. they're hoping for a garment production revival in that area. would be cool.