Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here are a few images I snapped over the last week. School is out for a couple of weeks, so my three old Julian is ruling the roost! I'm beginning to understand my mother's face when we skipped home on the last day of school. Three very long months. Oy vey.

One day: Julian figures out how to scale island to access the food cabinet. He finds the gummy bears (vitamins, how can this be?) and chocolate bear kid laxatives. :-/. Proves to be an interesting day. Did I mention it was raining and I had a 9 month old in hand?

Another Day

We decide to go to Happy Hollow with Julian's bestie. All was pretty happy until it was time to leave.

I snapped the below picture in the middle of an epic tantrum. I wanted to fly away...

Yet Another Day

Dad's Turn.  Dad hooked up with a friend who has a small plane and they took an adventure to Half Moon Bay to eat lunch. I was told nothing I could come up with could top this day!

Over and out!



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