Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Your Maker

Don't you ever just wish you could make shoes? I most certainly do. A good pair of shoes can really change things up. See these shoes for instance,  these shoes are inspiring me to wear calf length black skirts! I had no idea how deliciously comfortable this state of being is.  Leggings as pants with oversized asymmetrical t-shirts is my everyday kid uniform.

I do have a shoe inspiration thing. So recently when our model Rachel came in wearing these beauties, I swooned and wanted more details. Turns out she makes these bad rides. It's not every day you meet a shoemaker. Her version of the sandal below has "mohawks" (the leather jutts out ever so sweetly in back.) Really cutely punk.

Then she tells me that she's hosting a workshop at Gravel and Gold on the 26th to teach other potential shoebies how to make their own sandals. How generous of her! I hear there are only a couple spots left.

Lastly I really want these funnel neck boots. They are taunting me on etsy in size 6. I can only dream of what kind of awesome elfin outfits they would spawn.

Alrighty I believe that's enough nonsense for one day? Happy Friday.



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