Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday At Long Last

Blogging sure ain't easy. We know folks who can blog and hang out at the same time. Their also twittering up a storm while they make soup from scratch. We are not yet of this ilk. This post is a reminder to myself that I don't have to write a short story to get one or two thoughts out there.

First and foremost my son Julian is turning one. This is so bittersweet. While I can't wait to have conversations with him (and reason with him) I also can't believe he isn't asleep on my chest anymore. The baby zone zipped by so fast. Here are two picks - one from his first days of life (swaddled to perfection by his pops)

Then a picture of him successfully breaking into our friends entertainment center in his adidas suit. Safety latch and all.

Also these impossibly cute doggies are here to say hello. They were knitted by my husband's super creative Aunt Joycey. I absolutely adore them. Especially the removable scarves! I keep telling her to start an etsy shop with them but she just giggles. They are technically for my son but I have them out of reach until he can appreciate them. I've got them displayed in a super cute nook in our house and they bring with them lots of sunshine and love!



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modaspia said...

he's a little doll deirdre. happy (belated) birthday julian!