Monday, July 18, 2011

July Madness

July and August are busy times over here at Curator. I'm taking in a lot of sights and sounds on my work days. Here are some pics I snapped along my travels this week.

The Ikea bag i'm schlepping everywhere was way too happy to ignore.  I just snagged a Goodbyn Lunchbox for my son & a Bandit Bla Bla. Both of these goodies are now carried in store, such radical gifts for kids. The lunchbox comes with stickers you can decorate, and even has a sticker that say's "I'm allergic to ___". This sticker has a special place in my heart.

Next up the factory floor. One of the sewing ladies had the cutest apron on. I loved her style. She used to sew a lot in Hong Kong and this was one of her designs. Later I could see she was giving me the don't steal this idea eye. A pretty smart lady. ;-).

Next up T-shirts!

Here's a sneak peak of a Dolly Parton Tshirt we have in production. We were not joking about the 9 to 5 inspiration. Printed by the prolific folks over at Ape Do Good and designed by the one and only Adele Mildred. Lonnie and Burt will be keeping her company.

Lastly an upclose of Stacy's T-shirt - I love this for so many reasons! Classic. It's one of the code words we have going around my house....




Anonymous said...

I was JUST telling someone how much I love Dolly....

modaspia said...

i want one !!!! like i told you today, i treasure all my she-bible tees and still have every one, thread bare now.