Friday, May 13, 2011


After living in our house in Palo Alto for almost three years,  we finally dug up the nasty asphalt driveway and the weed ridden front lawn. There was just no way around it.  I am just now understanding that this overgrowth has been embarrassing. My defense? I hail from San Francisco where front lawns are made of cement. It's no wonder I keep trying to incorporate the substance into our new design. There will be vegetables too I promise.

Check out some of the demo and I'll be sure to post pics when the business is done. Below is the view from my kitchen window and our new walkway. I had many frantic sessions outside with a tape measure to make sure it was correct. When the contractor heard I was a designer he let out a little moan.



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modaspia said...

ok you had me at the title i totally laughed a-loud. how freaking exciting! once you start planting stuff you'll get hooked. i'm at home depot buying plants every other day now. at least you don't have to fend of the bloody deer in palo alto.