Thursday, April 7, 2011

Small Town

Recently we visited Felton, California in the Santa Cruz mountains to take in some sun, fun and family. While going to cross the world's largest covered bridge, we stumbled upon a dance troup being led by a fiddle player. No joke. The dancers all had these shell covered pads on their knees and sticks to do their synchronized dancing. Whenever I see something unexpected like that, I take it as life's reminder to always take the opportunity to go to see new places. "My favorite thing is to go where I've never been." I have this Diana Arbus quote hanging by my bed, although I'm not sure she's the only person to have said this. Sounds like something my son would say.

After our picnic by the bridge we journeyed up to Loch Lomond  Lake. There were paddle and motor boats for rent  and a little island you can boat out to with bbq pitts! It was like a secret hidden mini Lake Tahoe nestled up in the mountains. It makes me supremely happy to know this is just one hour away from my house.  We were a little late to get a boat, so instead we took a walk around the resorvoir. Tall trees just quiet my head.

On a roll, we headed to downtown Felton to eat at Redwood Pizzeria. We must have looked like we really needed beers because the waitress kept suggesting them.  My husband of course was on board with her noise. The trees were my beers. As we headed our troops out of the pizza parlor, I noticed this Doctor sign. I got a complete kick out of it, how many worlds away is this from going to a Kaiser appointment?

Down the road I saw a thrift store called  "The Abbot"  that looked like it had a grim reaper as it's logo! My interest was certainly peaked, but the kids were screaming and it was Sunday. I must return to visit this shop. Turns out an Abbot is a kind of priest and he is known to walk about in the town in his garb.  This place is starting to feel a bit like magic to me, you?



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modaspia said...

this totally made me laugh out loud (spelled out of course kids!). i think i've been to that lake! and got a nice case of poison oak too. more posts like this please!