Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Since my husband and I often work at home together, there is lots of overhearing. He's particularly taken with my lingo, always joking how are those enzymes doing? We sometimes paddle wash our t-shirts in them for extra softness. Babe are those lab dips ready? When we are approving our custom colors, we try to match the original pantone swatch (or inspiration) to the actual color on a garment. Different fabrics take on color in different ways and we have to decide (in very good light) if we still like them or not.

So tonight Mike looks over and asks me so how are those markers laying out?  When we have a new item we are putting into production, we send out the pattern to our digitizer to lay out in a marker. She takes our 4 sizes and places them in an arrangement on a very long piece of paper, so we get the best results when we cut. Mixing sizes saves a lot of fabric! We are charged with checking it before it goes to print to make sure everything is there.  Stacy just noticed there was a medium collar piece missing (nice catch!). Once the marker is correct and complete it's taken to our cutter and he lays it out and fires up his electric cutter. There is certainly no turning back then!

I have a series of these behind the garment posts in my head brewing....




modaspia said...

wow ! your writing voice emerged! so funny...and jeremy and i do the same thing, he understands all about production now.
looking forward to the next installment.

modaspia said...

oh ! and we have picked up on their lingo too, no? linux, texas etc. jeremy says his job is "ops nerd". i concur.

Curator said...

totally, my favorite of his is deploy.i think he should have named his company that. xoxox