Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am a book lover and giver. If I read a good novel it will not stay on my shelf for very long until I hand it off to someone worthy. Then I will demand we talk about it. When I get less busy (ever?) I would very much like to start a book club. With all this internet, I sure do miss talking about books.

I'm pretty discriminate with my children's books. I've discovered there are some real duds out there. When You Were Small is my favorite of late, it has just the right amount of whimsy paired with show-stopping illustrations. I finally got my son to love it and I take it as a personal victory. It's way beyond rad.

In another life I worked at a tiny independent book store in San Diego and amassed some of my favorite art books. I spent the better part of my wages on these titles. Of course I've learned a good book can be found most anywhere. I especially love these Family Of Woman, Family Of Man photography books from the seventies, they contain some heart stopping images. Keep your eye out for them at thrift stores and estate sales for pennies on the dollar.

Check out these cheesy titles I stumbled across at the Savers in Redwood City (which is so massive, it takes up a whole city block). Looking (and not buying them) just made me happy.

Lastly I've been doing some crazy organizing and purging. I recently came across a knitting book my late grandma gave me, seeing her handwriting sent me quickly into tears.  I don't have any plans to learn how to knit (I'm hopeless), but this one is definitely in my keep forever pile.



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modaspia said...

i love a good book post. i'll look for this children's book. i kinda feel the same way, there's lots of duds. we have tons of books they're not interested in. soon they're going to the thrift store and just keep the good ones and the sentimental ones (golden books).