Monday, August 9, 2010

Production Time

It's been a crazy-train few weeks for us, please do not take our silence to mean we are not working. It's quite the contrary, we just  shipped out our first fall delivery and we are in the throes of developing Spring 2011.  Below are some fabric pieces that were on their way to becoming classic dresses. I'm so delighted with the fall 2010 colors, a beautiful lake, vampire red and a chocolate brown. The photo is a bit bleached out, but somehow captures that factory floor feeling.  

Stay tuned for more blog posts. Stacy spent some quality time with an inventor in Southern California and made some rad jewelry.  Now that we have this inventor within arms reach, we can't remember any of the fabulous inventions we used to daydream about. Hopefully when production passes we can start thinking big again.




Deanna said...

I bought your Classic Dress last Sunday in Eggplant for my upcoming nuptials. I am excited to see new colors in the Classic Dress, as well as photos from the wedding photo shoot that you took that day. It's very cool, and synchronistic, that I bought the dress on the same day that She-Bible had a wedding photo shoot!

She-bible said...

i love that! yay for serendipity. hope your day was very special. xo, deirdre